50 Ways To Use Essential Oils

50 Ways To Use Essential Oils

HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS: Our Top Tips for Effective Usage

The utilization of these precious gems are described here in three main categories: inhalation, topical & ingestion.
Essential oils are homeostatic-ally intelligent, therefore acting as miraculous orchestrators in bringing balance to our bodies systems. Whether we are in need of support physically, emotionally, energetically or simply desire celebrating in the divine scent of mother Earth, these concentrated drops of nature are truly an amazing gift!


This effective administration supports neurological function by stimulating receptor sites in the nasal canal & linking to the brain.
Diffusing via mistMisting a particular area in our chosen environment is the quickest, most efficient way to get the specific effect we’re looking for. 
Spraying an uplifting blend on throw pillows when company comes over or in entry way of the home is a popular method.
Spritzing over the head & allowing the oil to disperse while breathing in, or on the neck when in the shower brings a spa-like experience. 
Sniffing: We can also simply hold appropriate oil blends or single notes under the nose for specific purposes such as for clearing the sinuses & headaches, or to stimulate our melatonin thus calming the nerves for better sleep, or even sniffing as an anti depressant by stimulating the emotional control center in our brain (limbic region).
Conservation tip: Since we may simply & directly use a mister bottle to disperse a chosen scent in a specific area for desired effect, we realize it uses much less oil, versus using a diffuser (which disperses these precious oils onto unnecessary places such as our electronics, drapes, etc). 
We believe diffusing is somewhat wasteful, yet commonly done. More conservation tips coming up!

Topical Applications

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil when applying to the skin; the dilution percentage will be determined by the particular oil or blend of oils being diluted (i.e. a strong oil such as clove should only be 3% clove/97% carrier, whereas lavender oil is safe at 15% lavender/85% carrier. The average essential oil dilutions require about 8% essential oils/92% carrier oil. We recommend researching online for a chart of appropriate dilution proportions. We at Ravenscroft Escentials use organic jojoba as a base (carrier oil) as it's hailed for its similarities to the natural moisture in our skin, it has a very long shelf-life, it absorbs readily and moisturizes our skin without leaving an oily residue. 
Facial CareOrganic oils can be used as a natural skincare regimen. Simply apply a few drops of your favorite facial serum (carrier oil & organic essential oils) to fingertips & smooth onto face!  
Anointing Nostrils: Putting a drop of specific oils right under our nose may assist in a myriad of ways. Three examples: a calming oil drop under the nose (as featured in Prevention Magazine and Readers Digest) can assist in a better sleep, or one to clear the sinuses & curb headaches, or even as an anti-depressant by stimulating the emotional control center in our brain (limbic region).
Compress: Many physical ailments can be tamed with this old school method, adding oils to the skin & then applying hot towel. This duo of heat coupled with powerful essential oils, is a true gift. 
Chest Rub: For respiratory relief we can put a few drops of our favorite blend on our chest, get under the covers & breathe deep (hot compress recommended yet not necessary)!
Massage: What a delight to have these oils smoothed all over our bodies! Indulging in self massage is simply loving the self. Having a mate/friend or a professional massage therapist rub these in for us is always such a healing experience. The different blends can be stimulating or relaxing, depending the blend we choose. When visiting my masseuse, I bring a beautiful face oil blend for my facial & a muscle regeneration oil for my back pain. When receiving a full body massage, we use extra carrier oil in order to not apply too many oils to the body at one time. 1-2% dilution is recommended in this case.
Bath: Being in a warm body of salt water is the closest we can get to being in the embryonic fluid state (like being in the mother’s womb). When adding essentialI oils it’s like we’re being held & loved from both Mother Earth & mom. If we’re suffering from pain or inflammation, we can rub a few drops of an anti-pain oil on the body where we need it most, & slip 'gently' into the tub. I  recommend waiting to apply to the feet until we're already in the tub to prevent slippage. If we want to achieve relaxation, an upliftment or sensuality while soaking, we apply 3-4 drops of a relaxing, happy or sensuous blend to our shoulders, neck or under nose, therefore having the scent right where we want it, available for divine healing depending on the blend you choose.  Foot Bath/WrapAnointing the feet with essential oils is a valuable choice in the practice of aromatherapy. The reflex points in our feet effect every area of our body & the oils readily penetrate into the feet for quick absorption. This is a preferred method amongst homeopaths or anyone that understands the systems of the body. No need to research homeopothy, just apply appropriate oils to feet & sink your them into a foot tub, or wrap in warm & moistened towel. An easier option is to simply apply oils & put your socks on afterwards. This is a great alternative for the elderly, disabled or those whom don’t have a full bath.  
Body Scrub: Whether in shower or tub, applying a few drops to you favorite loofah or body brush can be a delightful bathing experience! Some like to put EO’s in a bowl of sugar or salt, carrier oil, mix em up & scrub away. We at Ravenscroft recommend fine powdered Himalayan salt & organic jojoba oil.
ShowerAdding a few drops to your preferred loofah or mitt can do wonders, but to better conserve, I recommend putting oils on the body for better absorption, then do your scrubbing!  
HandsSaturating our hands in a muscle regeneration or anti-pain oil, & then placing them in a bowl of warm water, really helps soothe achy joints, hands, elbows & wrists. Soothe in a couple on you elbow while you’re at it!
HairWe can use a myriad of wonderful oils to our hair for a more lustrous shine, moisturizing split ends, hair growth & premature graying. We can use a mist or a hair serum (combination of essential oils with a carrier oil).
Cologne/Perfume: There are many essential oil blends that can release endorphins & stimulate pheromones. Other blends can produce a sense of joy or relax the nervous system. I invite you to explore the synergistic anomaly of these beautiful plant based oils for your personal scent.
Clothes/DrawerSpray you favorite scent on your clothes as perfume/cologne, or in your clothes drawer to scent clothes & to ward off clothes eating pests.
I like to spray sage & cedar wood in my closet!
Pest Control: Repel pests with essential oils by learning which ones work for specific plants/bugs during different seasons. Nature loves nature! How wonderful to use plant material to protect our gardens & ward off insects!
Litter Box/Toilet Time: Discover which antiseptic oils are used in actually killing bacterias versus simply making undesirable odors. Be-it animals or humans, it’s nice to clean the air after our time of release. Spray litter box or inside toilet bowl afterward. Always research safety when using essential oils around animals.
Vehicle/TentSpray your favorite scent in your car for desired effect. When camping, it’s great to spray your tent & it’s perimeter with certain oils to repel bugs.
Conservation tip: Practice smart conservation by putting oils on; vs straight in the bathtub itself, thus not losing any at the ring of the water level. Trust me, having the oil applied, will still disperse into the rest of the tub within minutes (reaching the whole body) while still penetrating concentrated parts. We recommend using epsom salt since it is famous for (magnesium sulphate) relaxing to the muscles & also the ever wonderous himalayan salts.


TeasFind you favorite liquid tea blend (aromatherapy tea drops) or add 1 drop of organic essentials oil to your hot water & favorite sweeter/milk product.
Always dilute essential oils when ingesting (never exceeding 1 drop per 8 oz liquid).
Cocktails/BeveragesUse any organic oils in your favorite beverages, hot or cold, non-alcoholic or cocktails (never exceeding 1 drop per 8 oz).
cooking   At the end of simmering a sauce or finishing a stir fry, use the tip of a tooth pic to gather a touch of oil, then stir it in as a finishing oil & voila!
Precaution & Safety: It is recommended that one researches safety & precautions when using essential oils for pregnancy, breast feeding, young children & animals.
It is recommended that we sample these oils on the inside of our forearm and wait a few hours to see if there is an allergic reaction. There is a lot of info online showing which oils are on the GRAS (generally regarded as safe) chart. There are also information charts on which oils are safe to ingest, as not all oils are! 
Home Uses
Computer Time: Clarity & upliftment (Elevation of Mind Aroma Body Drops)
Bathroom: Cleansing sink & toilet (Air Purify Mist), mouth wash (Healers Chai Aromatea & Breath Drops). Antiaging blend/moisturizer (Beautiful Repair).
Bedroom: Sleep (Good~Nite Body Drops), aphrodisiac (Aroma Blue Body Drops)
Kitchen: Disinfect counters, stove, cutting boards, sink & trash cans. (Air Purify Mist). Ingestible tea drops (All Teas).
Meditation Room: Space clearing (Sage & Cedarwood Aroma Body Drops), quiet the mind (Spiritual Anointing Serum)
Wood Necklace/Bracelet: Anoint you favorite sandalwood, tulsi (holy basil) or bohdi seed jewelry (Bodhi Seed MalaSpiritual Anointing Serum)
Work Out Room/Gym: Oxygenate & stay loose with circulatory support ( Muscle Regeneration Body Drops
Furniture/Wood Polish: Anoint your favorite wooden object with a woodsy blend (Deep Forest Spice), ( Spiritual Anointing Serum)
Romantic Space: Stimulate pheromones & endorphins! Dab the neck with an aphrodisiac for him ( Aroma Blue Body Drops), or her (Hawaiian Nectar Aroma Body Drops)!  
Disclaimer: All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Ravenscroft Escentials and its employees disclaims any liability based on information provided or products from this site. 
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