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"I have a neuroma (nerve pain) on the top of my right foot, at the base of my toes. I use Ginger’s Nerve Regeneration Serum, just rub a tiny bit into the area and in no time the pain is gone."
- Shari H.

"I am hooked on the Beautiful Facial Serum!! It is amazing, I use the oil either alone as a moisturizer or dab under my eyes at night for extra hydration. The spray I use as a base or toner and follow with the oil. I keep a second spray on my desk to spritz my face while I work to stay hydrated and glowy. So many compliments on my skin it is awesome. What great products!!"
- Bridget T.

"What a blessing to have met you! I bought your Beautiful Repair Serum, and it has been transforming my skin to be acne free! New breakouts are becoming non-existent. My scarring I feel is diminishing from past acne. I feel the dark bags under my eyes are fading. I don't wear as much make-up anymore. And it has only been a couple of weeks. Not to mention the smells have been lifting my spirits from a very dark place. I am telling all my friends about your amazing products. I can only wish you the warmest wishes on how your company will grow! Thank you for your kindness and amazing products."
- Jodi D.

"My son is prone to sudden stomach aches and nausea. We tried all sorts of OTC and prescription medications! Nothing seemed to work and I hated feeding him so many medications on a regular basis. Then I met Ginger! She was so sweet and kind, and it was clear that her oil blends were made with the utmost attention, knowledge, and love! I bought the Digestion Liquitea and brought it home. For the first few weeks, we had to use 2-4 doses each time he had an upset stomach. I would give him 10 drops on his tongue, and then about 10-15 minutes later, if he was still feeling bad, I would give him 10 more, repeating a few times, until he felt better. It may sound like a lot, but we were just amazed that something was working! Eventually he needed only 1 dose and within 10 minutes he would be fine. Now his episodes are much less frequent and always last less than 10 minutes (as long as we have the drops nearby - heaven forbid I forget them at home and we go out to dinner!!!). For myself, I use the Rose Frequency Tongue Tincture whenever I am a bit out of sorts, and instantly feel better, and in a short period of time, generally feel fabulous! For a deeper and more long-term sense of peace, connection, and satisfaction, I use the Spiritual Anointing Serum on a regular (almost daily) basis."
- Mel C.

"I usually take four Ibuprofin tablets, a teaspoon each of raw ginger and turmeric, spray Biofreeze on my swelling and aching shoulder and feel very little difference. Tonight I used the Muscle Regeneration Body Drops and finally got instant relief! I had little relief until I used the drops. The first time I used the Hormone Balance Body Drops I felt a rush go through my body from top to bottom. It felt like a strong wind went through me. I offered some to an acquaintance who felt a similar rush! Tonight I was told that I should use it since it releases anger and frustration. I am keyed up so I did, and am now much calmer. I bought the Elevation of Mind™ Aroma Body Drops for depression, Beautiful Facial Serum for the face, and Spiritual Anointing Serum. I am happy with them all. Thank you Ginger, appropriate name for your chosen field, for the work you do. I feel great and will go to sleep smelling great too."
- Beth C.

"I love all your stuff. It's truly like magic. Especially that Beautiful Repair Serum. It is truly remarkable! My skin has been a problem and struggle of mine since puberty and I'm almost 50! A little testimony: I had ran out of my supply that I had ordered months back and since I was so busy with traveling for work I didn't have time to order another one. Then a few weeks ago I started having tons of skin issues (well more than normal...I've always had problem skin all my life), including ingrown hairs on my face that were becoming inflammed. By chance, I found the empty bottle in an old makeup travel bag so I took off the cap and was scrapping every last drop I could get from the sides and placed it on the inflammed areas and voila...overnight I saw a drastic improvement....I ordered the large bottle of Beautiful Repair Serum the very next day and those problems healed within 2 days! Whatever combination of essential oils you have formulated truly work. Thank you."
- Natasha F.

"Your oils are amazing. The burning in my right big toe completely subsides with the Nerve Regeneration Serum. I'm so thrilled to have something to use and to not rely on narcotics. I want to order one for my Dad who has the same issues. You absolutely put love in your work and it shows in every drop off your oils. Sending you lots of love!"
- Jennifer F.

"I have sciatica, so you drizzled a Nerve Regeneration Serum onto my fingers which I massaged into my sciatic nerve area. This has been a source of extreme pain for me for over two years, and the relief was instant. I have had acupuncture, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, chiropractic visits, numerous trips to the flotation tanks (epsom salts) and yoga. Although all of these treatments have been beneficial and lovely, none have addressed my pain. I am not one who is easily wooed, but I could hardly believe that I was pain free after applying your oil to my back! I decided I needed to sleep on it, since that is where my pain bothers me the most (oddly, I cannot sleep because I am in so much pain, yet I get through my work day just fine). That night I slept pain free for the first time in over a year. And again, I slept with no pain last night too. I don't know what to say. I think you have created something incredibly potent and accurate. I listened to every word you said and I greatly respect your knowledge. Please let me know when you are in Portland again. Thank you very much."
- Lori M.

"I had the flu for about a week, and it turned into Bronchitis. I went to the doctor two different times for antibiotics and different cough medicines. Nothing was working, in fact, I felt it was getting worse. I could not stop the horrible coughing. My mom dragged me to a Christmas bazaar. I didn't really want to go because I was feeling pretty miserable. I came across a stand that had natural remedies, Ravenscroft Escentials. Ginger was great! She asked me if I needed to be healed of anything, which was amazing because I did! She gave me a sample of the Healer's Chai Aromatea & Breath Drops. I started drinking it and I walked away, thinking nothing of it. I finished the cup and realized my coughing had stopped. I didn't even have the weezing in my lungs anymore! I went back and bought the bottle and haven't coughed yet. Now when anyone in my family starts feeling ill, I give them Healer's Chai. Thanks Ginger for this wonderful product!!"
- Randee G.

"I purchased the Digestion Liquitea Drops and love them. I have lost 20 pounds in the last two months and feel so much better. You are a beautiful person, thank you for making people feel better!"
- Robin P.

"I am ordering more of the Beautiful Facial Mist because it just plain works! I have used the Beautiful Facial Mist for appx. 60 days (about two bottles) and am quite pleased with the results. After about one week I noticed a softening in one of the deeper lines in my face and over a period of the time using the product, the area was definitely better. Even after being out of the Facial Mist for a while the squint/smile line around my left eye and cheek is still somewhat better then it was prior to the first week's usage of the product."
- Cal M.

"When I am congested or my head is stuffed up, I use the Clear Sinus Aromatea & Breath Drops. I heat water in a pan on the stove and add a few drops, breathe the warm vapor in deeply through the nose to reduce nasal congestion and deeply into lungs to calm a cough. You can also sip it from a cup of hot water for a refreshing alternative to cough syrups or throat lozenges."
- Chris H.

"I use Beautiful Facial Serum twice a day and I love it. Within 4 days of using it, my acne scarring had disappeared and my cheeks and chin were no longer suffering from terribly dry skin. I love the way it smells and always get compliments whenever I spray it. I am so happy to have found this product. I can't wait to try some of your other essential oils!"
- Nicki H.

"I want to thank you Ginger for the passion you have put into making your oils. They are truly a result of hard work, learning and compassion toward everyone you meet. My condition was one of the reasons you pursued your path of helping people; you help them sleep better, feel better, walk better, breathe better and over the years I have loved your heartwarming stories that have touched me, impressed me and made me grateful for who you are and how you improve our world."
Love, Mom

"I broke out with Shingles a month ago. I did a course of antiviral, but Shingles nerve pain can last for months or years. I’ve been applying your Nerve Regeneration Serum, and it’s healing in record time. Thank you for dedicating your life to making Mother Nature’s gifts available!"
- Lori J.

"I have been using Ginger’s Wonderful Fibro Rub for many years. Easy to apply topically, it has a pleasant aroma, works fast, and really helps my Fibromyalgia pain."
- Shari H.

"I was having symptoms like heart palpitations and fainting spells. I took the bottle Nerve Regeneration Serum and followed the directions found on the label whenever I was having a symptom. For some unexplained reason, the essential oils eased the symptoms I was having at the time. The Nerve Regeneration Serum is like my security blanket… I don’t go anywhere without it."
- Peter S.

"I just attended Ginger's aromatherapy seminar at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. In a conference room, Ginger took a business-like atmosphere and transformed it into an intimate experience for about 40-50 people by congregating us into a circle to be close to her. In doing so, the group was instantaneously connected and a powerful energy permeated the room. We were all suddenly transformed by her knowledge of essential oils and samples that she freely shared. The energy in the room was so positive and warm. At the end of her seminar, she showered each participant with several of her oils creating a nature story with an unforgettable and transforming experience for us all. Ginger just loves what she does and has invested so much time and effort to bring to life her aromatherapy oils! She is positive, sincere and warm. She is honest and pure, just like her products!" 
- Martha F.

"It was so incredible meeting you today and I am so excited about being introduced to your phenomenal oils! I have been a loyal user of other essential oils for years and I have never smelled such an addicting Rose Oil as your Lovely Rose Serum. Your mists are refreshing and longer lasting than all the others that I have used too! I love love love every product that I purchased from you todayand I feel YOUR Love in them too! Thank you! Blessings to you for bringing your gift to all of us!" 
- Kathleen H.

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Good-Nite™ and Elevation of Mind™ essential oils. I suffer from DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) and Sacroiliac subluxation which has made it very difficult to get a good night sleep for several years now. The first night I used the Good-Nite™ oil and I was hooked. I sleep all night and woke up feeling rested for the first time in a long time. There is a lot to be said about getting a good night's sleep. I also suffer from depression and after using the Elevation of Mind™, I again am hooked. What an uplifting feeling every time I need it. I would say I am addicted to it because I keep it with me wherever I go. Anyone with depression knows how heavy-feeling it can get and this helps to relieve that feeling. I have been on several anti-depressants and none of them do what Elevation of Mind™ does and it doesn't have any of the side effects that go with anti-depressants. I also use it before I meditate to help elevate and clear my mind. I am so glad I found you and your essential oils. This has truly helped change my life in a positive way. I can't thank you enough."
- Bob S.

"I love your products. While I am signed up as a distributor with dōTERRA, I still purchase and use a lot of your products because dōTERRA doesn't sell the blends that you sell with the oils that you use; for example the rose oil products and blends with carrot oil. I cannot say enough good things about your Rose Frequency Tongue Tincture! It is simply amazing and delicious. I also absolutely love your Beautiful Repair Serum and the Beautiful Facial Mist; my husband loves the smell and remarks on it every time I put it on my face!
Thank you for your amazing products!"
- Jodi V.

"Digestion Liquitea Drops: I feel these are like "little drops of sunshine," giving me a refreshing kick after a good meal. I bought these at a show, looking to lose a few pounds. Ginger said that I'd probably shed 3 - 4 pounds in as many days. And she was right! I lost weight like magic and feel energetically lighter as well. Thank you for this beautiful, effective, all-natural goodness!
Rose Frequency Tongue Tincture: These lovely drops fill me with joy and warmth every time I use them. I reach for them when I need a pick me up or even as a mini-meditation for heart healing in the middle of the day. No joke, working with the beauty of the rose's vibration is helping me to love and be loved more." 
- Kelly B.

"The easy use spray bottle lets me use this amazing product without any fuss any time I want it. Using Beautiful Facial Mist allows me the peace of mind that my skin is taken care of when it comes to nourishment and protection from age. My wrinkles have diminished and my skin looks very smooth and youthful. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Thank you, Ginger."
Curtis C.

"We just called and order the Muscle Regeneration Serum and I just wanted to tell you we love it!! My husband has had severe back pain for years and after using this oil he feels like he is more mobile and you just need a little bit so it should last for quite some time. I have had upper back, elbow and wrist pain for awhile as well and I just used a little and the pain was gone in about 5 minutes!! Love it!! Also, a girl at work has been having should/upper back pain for awhile so I brought some to work for her to try. She tried it towards the end of the day and when she got home she said the pain was gone. She has now ordered a large bottle for herself!! Thanks so much!!!"
Travis and Cassie S

"Ginger's Ravenscroft oils are a feast for the senses!  Just one sniff of the Elevation of Mind™ sends my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies into ecstatic bliss and one sniff of the Body Balance sends me into convulsions of releasing, whatever energies need to be released at the moment.  The Lovely Rose Serum is like receiving an overwhelming blanket of unconditional love.  I can hardly wait to enjoy more of her wonderful potions made with love."
- Connie 

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