Therapeutic Index

Get Support Organically!  Ravenscroft uses 100% Certified Organic Ingredients.


Absentmindedness:   Elevation of Mind™(Topical), Sinus/Headache/Migraine(Topical)

Abuse Support:   Passion/Moving Forward™(Topical),  Body Balance(Topical)

ADD/ADHD:   Ground•Center•Focus(Mist)Spiritual Anointing(Topical)

Alcoholism:   Organ Cleanse(Ingestible)Body Balance(Topical)

Allergies:   Any of the Good~Nite™ products (TopicalIngestible or Mist)

Anger:   Organ Cleanse(Ingestible)Body Balance(Topical)

Anti-Aging/Face:   Beautiful Repair(Topical)Carrot Facial(Mist)

Antiseptic:   Air Purify™(Mist)Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)

Antibacterial/AntiviralAir Purify™(Mist/Topical)

Antiviral: Healer's Chai™(Ingestible),  Digestion(Ingestible), Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)

Anxiety:   Elevation of Mind™(Topical)Spiritual Anointing(Topical)Good~Nite™(Topical)[at night], Hawaiian Nectar(Topical)

Aphrodisiac:   Passion/Moving Forward™(Topical)Aroma-Blue™(Topical)Hawaiian Nectar(Topical), Deep Forest Spice™(Topical)

Apnea, Sleep:   Any of the Good~Nite™ products (TopicalIngestible or Mist), Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)

Appetite Suppressant:   Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)Sinus/Headache/Migraine(Topical)

Arthritis (& Rheumatoid):   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)

Asthma:   Good~Nite™(Ingestible)Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)Sinus/Headache/Migraine(Topical) 

Autism: Elevation of Mind™(Topical), Spiritual Anointing(Topical)


Back Pain:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)Body Balance(Topical)Wonderful Fibro(Topical)

Bad Breath:  Whoa! Cinnamon™(Ingestible)Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)

Bloating:   Digestion(Ingestible)

Blood Pressure (High - Hypertension):  Good~Nite™


Blood Pressure (Low - Hypotension):   Digestion(Ingestible)

Bronchitis:  Healer's Chai™(Ingestible) 

Bruising:   Good~Nite™(Topical)

Burns:   Good~Nite™(Topical)


Cancer - Restore Alkalinity (ALL CANCER):   Hawaiian Nectar™(Ingestible)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:   Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)Elevation of Mind™(Topical)

Circulation Disorders:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)

Cold:   Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)

Cold Sores:   Beautiful Facial(Topical)

Concentration (lack of):  Elevation of Mind™(Topical)Ground•Center•Focus(Mist)

Confidence: Lovely Rose(Topical)

Confusion:   Spiritual Anointing(Topical)Elevation of Mind™(Topical)

Congestion/Sinus:  Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)Sinus/Headache/Migraine(Topical)

Constipation:   Digestion(Ingestible)Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)

Cough:   Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)

Cramps (stomach):   Hormone Balance(Topical)Digestion(Ingestible)

Crohn's Disease:   Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)Digestion(Ingestible)


Dandruff:   Beautiful Facial(Topical)Rejuvenating Hair(Topical)

Depression:  Elevation of Mind™(Topical)Lovely Rose (Topical), Hawaiian Nectar(Topical)

Diabetes:   Whoa! Cinnamon™ (Ingestible)

Diaper Rash:   Beautiful Facial(Topical)

Digestion (constipation/indigestion):   Digestion(Ingestible)Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)

Diuretic (to increase urine flow):   Digestion(Ingestible)

Dizziness:   Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible), Spearmint Fresh™(Ingestible)

Dry Skin:   Beautiful Facial(Topical)


Eczema (Dermatitis):   Beautiful Facial(Topical) 


Fatigue (Mental): Elevation of Mind™(Topical or Mist), Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)

Fear:   Elevation of Mind™(Topical)Lovely Rose(Topical or Mist), Rose Frequency(Ingestible)

Feet  (Aching, Sore & Swollen):   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)

Fibromyalgia:   Wonderful Fibro(Topical)

Flu:   Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)Digestion(Ingestible)

Fluid Retention (To Alleviate):   Digestion(Ingestible)

Frigidity (Aphrodisiac):   Passion/Moving Forward™(Topical)Aroma-Blue™(Topical)Hawaiian Nectar(Topical)Deep Forest Spice(Topical)

Frustration:   Organ Cleanse(Ingestible)Elevation of Mind™(Topical), Hawaiian Nectar(Topical and Ingestible)


Gas (Flatulence):   Digestion(Ingestible)Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)

Grief/Sorrow:   Elevation of Mind™(Topical)Passion/Moving Forward™(Topical or Mist), Body Balance(Topical)


Hair Loss (Premature Balding):   Rejuvenating Hair(Topical)

Headaches:   Sinus/Headache/Migraine(Topical)

Heartburn:   Digestion(Ingestible)Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)

HIV/AIDS:   Organ Cleanse(Ingestible)Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)

Hyperactivity:   Ground•Center•Focus(Mist), Good~Nite™(Topical)Spiritual Anointing(Topical)

Hypoglycemia:   Whoa! Cinnamon™(Ingestible)


Immune System (Weak):   Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)Organ Cleanse(Ingestible)

Inflammation:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical), Good~Nite™(Topical), Nerve Regeneration (Topical)Body Balance(Topical)

Insecurity (Boost Confidence & Self Love): Lovely Rose(Topical)Hawaiian Nectar(Topical)Passion/Moving Forward™(Topical)

Insomnia:   Any of the Good~Nite™ products (TopicalIngestible or Mist)Spiritual Anointing(Topical)

Irritability:   Organ Cleanse(Ingestible)Elevation of Mind™(Topical or Mist)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:   Digestion(Ingestible), Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)


Joint Stiffness/Pain:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)Nerve Regeneration(Topical)


Libido:   Aroma-Blue™(Topical), Deep Forest Spice(Topical)Hawaiian Nectar(Topical)

Liver Kidney & Gall Bladder Toxicity:   Organ Cleanse(Ingestible)

Loss of Smell:   Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)

Lymphatic Flush:   Organ Cleanse(Ingestible)


Memory Loss:   Sinus/Headache/Migraine(Topical)

Menopause:   Hormone Balance(Topical)

Menstrual Cramps:   Hormone Balance(Topical)

Migraine:   Sinus/Headache/Migraine(Topical)Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)

Mood Swings:   Elevation of Mind™(Topical)Passion/Moving Forward™(Topical),

Hormone Balance(Topical)

Morning Sickness:   Spearmint Fresh™(Ingestible)

Motion Sickness:   Spearmint Fresh™(Ingestible)

Mouth/Gum Disorders:   Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)Peppermint Stick™(Ingestible)Whoa! Cinnamon™(Ingestible)

Muscle Pain/Stiffness:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)



Nausea:   Spearmint Fresh™(Ingestible)

Neck Pain/Stiffness:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)Good~Nite™(Topical)


Panic:   Lovely Rose(Topical), Rose Tongue Tincture(Ingestible), Elevation of Mind™(Topical), any of the Good~Nite™ products(TopicalIngestible or Mist)Hawaiian Nectar(Topical)

Physical Exhaustion: Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)

Pneumonia:   Healer's Chai™(Ingestible), Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)

Postpartum Depression:   Lovely Rose(Topical), Passion/Moving Forward™(Topical)Hawaiian Nectar(Topical)Elevation of Mind™(Topical)Beautiful Facial(Topical)

Premature Aging of the Skin:   Beautiful Repair(Topical)Carrot Facial(Mist)

Restlessness:   Any of the Good~Nite™ products (TopicalIngestible or Mist)

Restless Leg Syndrome:   Good~Nite™(Topical)


Scars:   Beautiful Repair(Topical)

Shock:   Any of the Good~Nite™ products (TopicalIngestible or Mist)

Sinusitis:   Sinus/Headache/Migraine(Topical)Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)

Sore Throat:   Clear Sinus™(Ingestible)Healer's Cha(Ingestible)

Spilt Ends: Rejuvenating Hair(Mist)

Stress:   Elevation of Mind™(Topical)Spiritual Anointing(Topical)Hawaiian Nectar(Topical)

Stretch Marks:   Beautiful Repair(Topical)


Teeth Grinding:   Good~Nite™(Topical)

Tendonitis:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)Nerve Regeneration(Topical)

Tooth Ache:   Healer's Chai™(Ingestible)


Varicose Veins:   Muscle Regeneration(Topical)


Weight Loss:   Digestion (ask for easy 3-step instruction sheet)

Wrinkles:   Beautiful Repair(Topical)Carrot Facial(Mist)


Please contact Ginger if you need help with any other ailments!  XO


November 27, 2019 -  This information is for educational and research purposes only.

The products and the claims made about specific products in this index have not been evaluated by the Natural Pharmacy or the United States Food And Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

The information provided in this index is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging.

You should not use the information in this index for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.

You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

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