Elevate Your Mind!

Elevate Your Mind!

Organic Essential Oils Proven to Elevate Your Mood & Clarify Your Mind

With all that is going on in our world at the moment, it is no wonder that many people are struggling with depression, anxiety and brain fog! Even in the best of times, many suffer from these mental hurdles on a daily basis. The US National Library of Medicine lists more than 23,000 references to scientific research involving essential oils and nearly 300 of them examine the use of essential oils for depression. While we definitely don’t advocate for ceasing any current care/management plan you are currently on, we certainly want to invite you to discover the healing wonders when including the use of aromatherapy with organic essential oils in your regimen! We’ll be exploring the history and benefits of aromatherapy in general later this month, but for now, let's delve into several that are famous for mental focus and elevating our mood!


Organic Essential Oil of Jasmine

The name Jasmine comes from the Persian yasmin, which means "a gift from God", named due to the intense fragrance of the blooms. This deliciously sensuous and sweet-smelling essential oil is derived from the flowers of the Jasmine Plant (Jasminum officinale) and has been used in religious and healing ceremonies for centuries for its ability to decrease anxiety and clear the mind. Even before the discovery of bacteria, Jasmine oil was used to ‘clean the air of pollutants’ & bring a calming fragrance within Chinese sick rooms. More recently, studies have shown that Jasmine Oil has the natural ability to influence our limbic system (the region of the brain involved in controlling our emotions and regulating our nervous system), as well as other biological factors, such as stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and both the immune and respiratory system. In fact, a report in the Journal of Biological Chemistry examined the impact of hundreds of fragrances on the brain and found Jasmine to be “as good as Valium at calming the nerves with none of the side effects.” Of all the fragrances tested, jasmine had the greatest effect on the calming neurotransmitter GABA, by increasing GABA’s effect by more than five times and worked better than drugs that modify GABA — sedatives, relaxants, and sleeping pills — minus their side effects.

A great equalizer, Jasmine also promotes beta rhythms in the brain, thus clearing brain fog and increasing mental alertness. Wow, right?! And we’re not through yet! Along with helping alleviate depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms and increasing mental alertness, Jasmine Oil is also famous for its euphoric & aphrodisiacal qualities! You read right… This heavenly healer is known to increase libido, decrease inhibitions, and similar to Sandalwood, it has a subtle effect on our hormones. All of these benefits can be experienced aromatherapuetically through either inhalation of the jasmine oil molecules and/or skin absorption, so it’s a perfectly easy and effective way to elevate your mood and your mind! 


Organic Essential Oil of Frankincense

Essential Oil of Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) has been used for thousands of years to support a variety of physiological and psychological functions. A recent study has shown that it actually improves memory retention, and all who have used it know it to be a very grounding oil - one which aids in mental focus and minimizing distractions. The brain loves familiarity and patterns naturally, and Frankincense has been used for centuries before prayer, spiritual meditation, and yoga practices. It's woodsy and sweet lemony aroma calms the mind and eases any anxiety, allowing for focused and peaceful intentional thinking. Hope Gillerman, who turned to the 3,ooo year-old system of Traditional Chinese Medicine shares, "your olfactory nerves are actually in your sinuses. … They're extensions of the olfactory part of the brain. When you breathe in an essential oil, you are not just enjoying the scent; you are actually ingesting the quickly evaporating micro-particles into the part of your brain that controls our emotions." Boswellia rivae is affectionately known as the “Sweet Frankincense”. Its tender, sweeter fragrance is an exquisite essential oil for aromatherapy, and it is this that we use here at Ravenscroft Escentials. 

"The chemical components of frankincense result in an extremely powerful aroma that can help dispel negative feelings—like stress—and are effective at relaxing and focusing the mind and balancing mood." says Dr. Rodriguez, DHSc, MS; And it doesn't just remove negative thoughts, it can actually encourage positive ones - It "promotes feelings of satisfaction, peace, relaxation, and overall wellness, which explains its unique value in ancient times." All Frankincense also supports cellular function overall, so utilizing it for staying on task, calming the nerves and promoting positive thought processes is a win, win, WIN!  



Organic Essential Oil of Rose Otto

Roses have symbolized love, friendship, purity, gratitude and many other human emotions for as long as they have bloomed. We all know red roses are the romantic gesture of “I love you”, and yellow roses express true friendship. While white roses are popular at weddings for purity, new beginnings & everlasting love, peach for saying a heart-felt “thank you!”, did you know that lavender roses express “love at first sight” and green ones signify constant rejuvenation of spirit and fertility? Though they are beautiful to behold, it is the fragrance of roses that have captured the hearts of millions. More than just a pleasant smelling bloom, roses are one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world. Known to have, anti-infective, & wound healing properties, as well as relieving headaches, reducing swelling, inflammatory conditions of gastrointestinal tract, and muscular pain - Essential Oil of Rose has also been used for centuries to relieve depression, anxiety, insomnia, and to spark things up in the bedroom - Who knew there is a science behind placing those rose petals all over the marital bed!(1) 

Research has shown that Rose Oil stimulates the release of the chemical neurotransmitter dopamine, which affects many aspects of our behavior, physiological & psychological functions such as learning, motivation, heart rate, mood, sexual desire and attention span. It can be used to treat depression and anxiety by causing a sense of peacefulness and relaxation, bringing with it feelings of love and joy. There are cultures who have long used Rose Oil to ease the feelings of traumatic grief while mourning the loss of a loved one. 

Most studies have focused on the medicinal effects of Rose Oil transdermally, that is, how it works when absorbed through the skin. However, inhalation of rose essential oil has resulted in a “30% decrease of epinephrine levels and revealed an anti-anxiety effect that was described as being similar to “some serotonergic agents” (i.e. substances that increase serotonin)”.(2)  So, many people experience the benefits and relief that this natural remedy offers through merely inhaling the scent of pure rose oil, but your best bet is to place a drop under the nose, on your wrist, or the throat - enjoy the fragrance and all of the joy that brings, while allowing the oil to penetrate the skin and work it’s magic!



Organic Essential Oil of Sandalwood

Often used for mental clarity, focus and grounding during prayer, meditation and other spiritual rituals, Essential Oil of Sandalwood (Santalum album) is one of the best known and widely used essential oils in aromatherapy and ayurvedic medicine for a reason. 

This oil reminds me of a pristine lake in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua on a perfect spring day… that surreal balance of calm and clear ~ where you can see everything beneath & above you with perfect clarity during a swim and in its stillness, behold a magical reflection of the sky and surrounding volcanoes from the beach. Made from the wood and roots of the East Indian Sandalwood Tree, this essential oil has the ability to both calm an anxious mind as well as promote mental focus, making this an amazing choice to have at your disposal. 

Similar to Jasmine, inhaling the aroma of Sandalwood, or absorbing it through the skin, is said to have an effect on our limbic system (emotional control center), sending messages to the brain which result in both physiological and emotional responses. For example, lowering emotional stress levels usually correlates to a reduction in blood pressure. It may seem contradictory, but research has shown that while Sandalwood can have a sedative effect, easing the symptoms of anxiety, it simultaneously enhances mental alertness. A study in 2003 showed a connection between the transdermal application of Sandalwood Essential Oil and increased attentiveness. On top of all of this, it can also be used as an effective aphrodisiac! Long known to improve blood flow, including to the nether regions, it has been used to treat ED, promote emotional openness, stimulate feelings of intimacy, and increase physical sensuality. In fact, Planta Medica researchers found that women who inhaled sandalwood essential oil and its main compound during sex reported increased mood and higher levels of desire than those who did not. So, be calm, be focused, be sexy… oh how we love our Sandalwood!



Each of these oils naturally promote a sense of happiness and joy, bring focus and even some increase in libido, which is why ALL of them are included in our ELEVATION of MIND Aroma Body Drops & AromaMist! Impeccably sourced and hand-bottled with extra love. Experience the benefits of 100% pure organic essential oils of Jasmine, Frankincense, Rose and Sandalwood for yourself in one of our top-selling blends, with 15% off when you share a link to Ravenscroft Escentials on your Facebook page!  



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