Nerve Regeneration

Nerve Regeneration

A Natural Approach To Relieving Nerve Pain & Discomfort

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What do numbness from a war wound, shooting nerve pain from several spinal surgeries, neuropathy from chemotherapy, and multiple issues resulting from a stroke have in common? Each individual suffering from these ailments found life-changing relief by using our Ravenscroft Escentials Nerve Regeneration Serum. What makes Nerve Regeneration so amazing at relieving pain and aiding nerve related issues so successfully?

It begins with 22 years of experience and a passion for helping people address pain naturally. Decades of researching the best botanical ingredients known for centuries to work as medicinal remedies for nerve damage and disorders have been spent to create a blend to address these particular problems. From MS, carpal tunnel, and sciatica to aiding in stroke recovery, there are specific organic essential oils that target these issues. Testing extracts from a multitude of distilleries to find the best source for each oil went in, to ensure the highest level of organic purity and potency.

Nerve Regeneration SerumNon-invasive and natural, these oils have shown to aid in nerve regeneration, which can be a slow process; many users have experienced immediate relief for the short term as well. Nerve damage, pain and the stress that often results from these conditions can be debilitating and affect everyday life. Research has shown that the use of essential oils can effectively provide relief for pain & discomfort, stimulate the circulatory system, have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, while simultaneously alleviating stress and anxiety. Our bodies were created to work together in harmony with the medicines the Earth provides for us!

So, let’s discuss some of the precious oils that have been meticulously blended together to create RE’s Nerve Regeneration Serum and why they were chosen. This blend has shown wonderful success helping those with Multiple Sclerosis, so let’s address neuropathy.

Nerve Regeneration


Organic Essential Oil of Helichrysum

Nerve Pain Remedy

Throughout history, Helichrysum has been used to reduce inflammation within and on the body as well as a remedy for muscular spasms. Similar to most essential oils that show success in treating nerve pain and neuropathy, helichrysum has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and is famous for being a potent & fast- acting pain reliever. The main compound in this oil is called Nerol, which has neuro-protective effects and reduces the loss of dopamine-producing neurons. Along with offering pain relief, this oil can help regenerate nerves by boosting the strength of the nervous system and studies show it likely has antispasmodic effects as well. This means that the use of this essential oil can help to stop or slow the transmission of parasympathetic nerve impulses in the body. Most people who suffer from nerve related disorders are familiar with the fact inflammation is a root cause of nerve pain. Thankfully, according to research, the antioxidant properties in this extract seem to play a large role in its reduction, including “inflammatory enzyme inhibition, free-radical scavenging activity and corticoid-like effects”. Supporting both the immune and lymphatic systems as well, Helichrysum is one of Mother Nature’s natural medicinal resources for nerve pain which is why we source the highest quality organic extract of this oil all the way from Bosnia and include it in this blend.


Organic Essential Oil of Basil

Nerve Damage Serum

One of the most revered and coveted essential oils for nerve pain is the simple botanical oil of Basil. Due to its efficacy with relieving nerve pain and damage, it was once considered a “divine plant” in the Hindu culture. Their familiarity with this particular plant and centuries of medicinal use of the extract is one of the reasons we source our Basil oil directly from India. Similar to Helichrysum, it contains properties with the ability to boost nerve receptors while also helping to reduce the symptoms of nerve damage. Long used by Ayurvedic practitioners for this reason and the fact that it contains analgesic and antispasmodic qualities, Basil is a go-to oil for providing natural relief. A science-based study in 2015 found it to reduce sciatic pain while yet another has shown that it restricts the growth of harmful bacteria. This bacteria, if left to propagate, “leads to chronic inflammation, which may lead to nerve cell damage, among a host of other diseases, including heart disease and cancer”. You see the picture. We create this serum with the intention of helping those who need relief, which is why organic Basil is another potent, healing oil we include in our Nerve Regeneration.

After the recommended quick chat with your primary about incorporating this holistic approach of healing with your doc, it’s also always important to make sure any essential oil you use had a proper ratio with an organic and high quality carrier oil. We use the purest organic Jojoba oil of the highest standards of quality, so you know you are putting drops of healing power straight from nature herself when you use this blend!

Other essential oil research has found benefits in Peppermint Oil for relieving painful symptoms associated with neuropathy and restoring blood flow to help reverse the damage. So, let’s explore this medicinal organic oil as well, and why we source it all the way from India and include it in our nerve blend.

Organic Essential Oil of Peppermint

Essential Oils for Nerve Damage

Having both anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic properties, the essential oil of Peppermint works wonderfully for nerve pain and numbness. It both has the potential to cool the heated skin of inflammation as it eases pain and warms the muscles and skin naturally to improve the circulation in areas experiencing numbness. This increased blood circulation then stimulates the nerves which helps aid the healing process of any damage. It’s antispasmodic properties work to calm the spasms that lead to muscle cramping, which makes it an optimal alternative treatment ingredient for nerve pain. Along with aiding in these areas, Peppermint oil helps with autonomic peripheral neuropathy problems as well. Think more than blood flow; think digestion, bladder and bowels. So in short, this natural extract helps with a plethora of nerve issues and was a must for this healing serum.

 Organic Essential Oil of Juniper

Nerve Regeneration Serum

Used by Native Americans for centuries for its healing power, Essential Oil of Juniper is another go-to medicinal choice for nerve pain. This one, as an antalgic, primarily focuses on pain. Working together with its anti-inflammatory properties, Juniper oil reduces both inflammation and nerve pain. This medicinal extract also stimulates the release of toxins and uric acid, which aids the nervous system in general. In fact, it’s success as a pain-reliever is causing it to be increasingly used as a treatment to address nerve pain in particular. Juniper also eases tension and reduces muscle spasms, sometimes eliminating them altogether once applied. As our goal is to only use the best of each oil, we import our organic Juniper all the way from Hungary & ensure its purity, potency, and ability to work for your pain.

Organic Essential Oil of Lavender

Essential Oils for Nerve Pain

The number of people suffering from nerve damage & neuropathy who are choosing complementary or alternative medicines to treat their pain is increasing dramatically. Essential Oil of Lavender is one of the most popular of these medicinal choices. Often used successfully for conditions such as neuralgia, sciatica, muscle cramping and spasms, and other nerve related pain, it was a no-brainer to include it within our Nerve Regeneration Serum. A 2017 study on lavender’s ability to alleviate neuropathic pain with spared nerve injury showed that this extract actually gave relief par with 7mg of morphine - minus the side effects. And famous for its calming fragrance, lavender brings more than physical healing to the table. As we mentioned before, chronic pain is often accompanied by bouts of depression, anxiety and sleep issues. Who can sleep when they’re in pain? Especially nerve pain? Beyond pain relief, Lavender is well known for its ability to calm anxiety and induce sleep, so its a win-win! And we all know where the best Lavender comes from… France. Which is exactly where we source this amazing organic oil for our blend.

So we’ve covered many of the oils chosen for our Nerve Regeneration Serum, why we’ve included them and where they are from. Information about what you are choosing to use as your holistic choice for nerve pain is important, and we wanted to share exactly what you are using for that pain and why it works so well! As our goal is to make blends that help and bless people, we’re going the extra mile for those in need of some massive pain relief.

Nerve Regeneration SerumNerve Regeneration Serum



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