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Our Beautiful Facial Blend is a delicious bouquet of organic essential oils including lavender, rose, jasmine, carrot, & roman chamomile. A wonderful, holistic choice for the relief of anxiety, as a mask disinfectant & for a myriad of skin irritations. Available as an AromaMist and a Serum, the Beautiful Facial Mist is perfect for spritzing the face for an instant anti-anxiety effect while calming skin inflammation and rashes. It is also super effective as a misting mask disinfectant. In concentrated form, our Beautiful Facial Serum works for targeting facial mask skin conditions ('maskne') while being aroma therapeutically curative for anxiety & mellowing the nervous system with just a drop placed under the nostrils.

Definitely one of our Best Sellers, Elevation of Mind is a blend created to clear brain fog, reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue, and lift the spirits. With a unique blend organic extracts of Jasmine, which is effective for all of the above, Frankincense, known to promote a sense of peace, positivity and overall wellness as well as sandalwood and rose. A delicious blend of serotonin producing oils. Available in Body Drops to place under the nose before you put on your mask, or as an AromaMist, which may be spritzed on the face or, similar to the Beautiful Facial Mist, can be used to disinfect your mask while bringing joy and mental clarity.

Our Sinus/Migraine/Headache Blend is perfect for Extended Mask Use. Wearing a mask for long periods of time can result in headaches and respiratory issues. Our Sinus-Headache-Migraine Drops help keep the lungs happy, promoting clear breathing. This blend includes Organic Essential oil of Peppermint & Rosemary, which are famous for clearing the nasal canal and supporting the lungs, while the Basil Essential Oil has the ability to deliver oxygen to the brain by improving blood circulation, so it works wonders for migraines. With lavender and chamomile, SHM also calms the nervous system and relieves anxiety and stress. By placing a drop under the nostrils before putting on your mask, you can relieve headaches, support your breathing and reduce symptoms of anxiety all at the same time!

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