About Ginger

 Ginger's pictorial journey from the arts of breakdancing, drumming, modeling, acting, and photography

to aromatherapy!

JCPenney Break Dance Competition at 13 years old.
Doing the “Windmill/Jyro” break dance move.

Promo shot for all-girl band “Lypstik” in 1989 (19 years old). 

Live at the Coconut Teaser on Sunset Boulevard in 1990 with all girl-band “Lypstik”.

Playing the live show “Battle of the Bitches" at a nightclub called FM Station in North Hollywood, 1990.
Photo credit: Brad Yuen

The band Dirty White Girl (Ginger on right) recorded one song together, “Pray for Tomorrow", which Ginger co-wrote for her brother Jeremy.
1992, VCS studios in Burbank, CA 

First modeling session transforming from hard hitting rock drummer to model. However, Ginger says she will always play the drums.
Photo credit: Roberto Esais, 1991

Photo credit: Doran Smith

Photo credit: Doran Smith

Commercial head shot 1993.
Photo credit: Runninghorse

Photo credit: Peter Shepard, 1994

On the set with Bobcat Goldthwait in his TV series “Unhappily Ever After", 1996.

Photo credit: Brad Yuen

Hawaii, 27 years old.
Photo credit: Jonesey

Photo credit: Joey Viles

Just offstage at the Opium Den (playing with “Kane”, Christian Kane's band)
Los Angeles 1999 with friend and music producer Tony Dinero.

Headshot 30 years old.
Photo credit: Mark Hussman


Before Essential Oils, Ginger was a drummer! Here she is playing djembe drum in a Shakira video, which was nominated and won in the category of Latin Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video in 2000. Ginger giggles when she recalls that Shakira made the director tell her to change her wardrobe into this hysterically unattractive bright yellow men’s button down shirt.

Click here to watch the Shakira video with Ginger drumming!


On the set of music video shoot for the
film "A Lonely Place for Dying", 2010.

Aromatherapist promo shot.
Photo credit: Stephen Koch, 2015
Women’s retreat in Austin Texas, 2021.

  Ginger teaching her great nieces to play drums at ages 1 and 3. 
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